Friday, January 23, 2015

Graphic Narratives - In Class Assignment

The following compositional elements can be seen in a variety of tv commericals:

1. compositions with Asymmetric and Symmetric balance and provide evidence for each within the composition. 
2. effective use of Rule of Thirds in compositions and provide evidence within the composition.
3. Classical spatial construction and provide evidence within the composition.

I chose the  Michelin Man commercial, because I find it exemplifies each of the above points.

At 3 seconds into the commercial, we have a shot of a man and woman in their own separate vehicles, leaning over to kiss each other. This is a great example of symmetrical balance. 

Then at 9 seconds in, we have another good example of symmetrical balance, where we see the car driving towards the screen with the buildings on each side.

Throughout the commercial we can see many examples of the rule of thirds compositional device. Particularly at 21 seconds in, we can see the evil gas pump is holding the old lady and stealing her money. The gas pump being in the bottom left and the old lady in the bottom right. 

At about 35 seconds in, we have a good example of Asymmetrical balance with the Michelin Man on the left of the screen, and the giant evil gas pump on the right. We see an intense battle of good vs evil, with the odds in favour of the Michelin Man.

And finally at the end of the commercial, at 39 seconds, we see the Michelin Man, standing in triumph, as the roads wind behind him. This is an example of classical spacial construction.

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